Best Leash for Bernese Mountain Dogs

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This article will tell you about the best leash for Bernese Mountain Dogs under review.

Bernese Mountain Dogs belong to the largest types of dogs. It is big, sturdy but adorable and friendly breed. It originated in Switzerland primarily as a herding dog for farms. It can grow bigger than its owner, plus it is strong.

Berneses are playful and active dogs. It is recommended to take him or her for walk every day. So, a leash is a must to ensure the dog can be controlled even it tries to follow a scent or decides to run after something. It is extremely helpful for the owners plus it does not stress the dog.

Training large dogs to walk on a leash it a must. A dog that is well trained in walking on a leash ensures the safety of people and dogs around you. Dogs should be trained already while it is still a puppy. This skill should be established already before they are full grown, especially with large dog breeds.

The Top Leashes

Of the many choices, I picked out the three leashes that is the best leash for Bernese Mountain dogs.

  • First on the list is, Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash.

It is a perfect fit for any usage whether it is for training or for everyday walking. It is made from imported, handmade, strong and durable leather. It is perfect for big dogs that has a strong pull like Berneses.

It has metal clips that is high quality and can resist 500 lb. pull force. It is escaped proof especially big dogs.

It is military grade. It is made with topnotch quality and durability in mind. It can withstand everyday punishment from strong and active dogs.

  • Second on my list is BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash.

It is heavy duty, made from strong and durable climbing ropes with metal clips perfect for big dogs like Bernesses.

It has padded handles for maximum comfort for your dogs. Even if you dogs will pull it will not hurt your hands.

It is perfect for any usage. Whether for walking, running and training.

  • Third and last on my list is TUG Patented 360° Tangle-Free.

It is a medium leash perfect for both medium and large size dogs.

It has a tangle free, retractable 16 ft leash. It is easy to adjust and can do 360 degrees movement.

It has a comfortable handle for long walks and running. It has anti slipping feature too.

What should you look for on a leash?

There are so many dog leashes available out there for large dogs. So, you have so many options. But before that here are the factors should be considered on choosing a leash.

First, it should work well with you dog’s existing harness or collar. Well it is a waste of money if you buy a leash that does not go with your dog’s current collar or harness.

Second, durability. Like what they say the stronger the better. A durable one means it will last for a good amount of time, meaning it will be a money saver in the long run. And also, common you have a big dog you need your leash to be strong and dependable. So, if in case your big dog decides to run for any reason, it will not break your leash.

Third, length. Some people like their leash long and some like it short. I prefer my leash to be the right one. Having it long will make my dog uncontrollable and if short it may end like your strangling your dog.

In conclusion, this wraps up our article for the best leash for bernese mountain dogs. Hope it was helpful!